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Saturday, May 03, 2003
War Blog Updates
U.S. Summons Baghdad Police Back to Duty: "Iraq's U.S. administrators have called on all Baghdad policemen to return to their jobs on Sunday, with a slight change of uniform, to help restore order in the capital."
In Seattle Post-Intelligencer: War on Iraq

US army mechanics scrounging for spare parts in Iraq in IraqWar.ru (English)

There is way to solve Iraqi problem quickly - Putin in IraqWar.ru (English)

Afghanistan: Launchpad for terror in IraqWar.ru (English)

Syria Wants Dialogue, Not Demands, From US in IraqWar.ru (English)

We will bomb if you don't go, US told in IraqWar.ru (English)
Friday, May 02, 2003
Update War Blog
Rumsfeld: Iraq 'not fully secure' in BBC News | War in Iraq

End of combat: "Just 43 days after announcing the start of the war in Iraq, President Bush on Thursday told the nation that "major combat operations in Iraq have ended." He said the toppling of Saddam Hussein's government was "one victory in a war on terror that began on Sept. 11th, 2001, and still goes on." He spoke not from the White House but from the deck of the aircraft carrrier USS Abraham Lincoln, a dramatic setting that also exerted maximum political effect for the president."
In CNN - War Tracker

Bush declares Iraq fighting over as Powell turns heat on Syria: "US President George W. Bush declared the major fighting in Iraq over but warned Washington might confront other "outlaw" regimes in its war on terror as Secretary of State Colin Powell headed to Syria to press it to end its support for Arab militants. (AFP)"
In Yahoo! News: War with Iraq

Two more "most-wanted" Iraqis in coalition custody: "Two more of the 55 leaders on a US list of most-wanted figures from Saddam Hussein's former regime are in coalition custody. (AFP)"
In Yahoo! News: War with Iraq
Tuesday, April 29, 2003
Support Our Troops
good article in the LaTimes today.
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